Who have you ever convinced to donate blood?

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What do you think is the biggest reason why people don't try to donate blood?

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What is your favourite post-donation treat?

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How old were you when you first donated blood?

16-19 years old
56% (82 votes)
20-29 years old
33% (48 votes)
30-39 years old
5% (7 votes)
40-49 years old
2% (3 votes)
50-65 years old
1% (1 vote)
Haven't donated blood before
4% (6 votes)
Total votes: 147


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Where did you first hear about WP Blood Transfusion Service?

In an advert
5% (5 votes)
On social media
3% (3 votes)
From a friend, family member or colleague
34% (33 votes)
There was a clinic close to where I work/stay/study
44% (42 votes)
I looked it up myself
14% (13 votes)
Total votes: 96