Whole Blood Products

Whole blood is a complex tissue that contains all of the blood components. These components, particularly the platelet function and coagulation factors deteriorate rapidly with storage. 

Whole Blood

Red Cell Products

Red cell components are useful for its iron-rich stores. It is indicated for a wide range of medical and surgical conditions for treating surgical and medical anaemia.

Emergency Blood

We have 97 emergency blood banks, situated throughout the Western Cape Region of South Africa, thereby ensuring the availability of Group O blood, when there is no time to wait for blood to be cross-matched. The emergency banks are situated in hospitals that do not have a Blood Bank on site and at some Blood Banks, keeping emergency blood.

Therapeutic Phlebotomy

Therapeutic phlebotomy is available for individuals who have been diagnosed with Polycythaemia or Haemochromatosis who may choose to have their phlebotomies performed by the Blood Service.

What is therapeutic phlebotomy?
Individuals may require therapeutic phlebotomy if their body produces too many red cells or absorbs too much iron. It is similar to regular donation, except that the clinician has prescribed it as a form of medical treatment. It’s safe, inexpensive and monitored by trained medical staff.

Designated Donation

The WPBTS is dedicated to providing the safest blood products and services to the community. We also respect the fact that individuals may prefer to receive blood from donors who they know. That is why we offer the service of designated donation, which is the opportunity to use compatible blood from a family member or friend.

Customer Care

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Paternity Investigation Enquiries

For queries relating to the paternity investigations, please contact the Paternity Laboratory:

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Therapeutic Phlebotomy Clinic Enquiries

For queries relating to Therapeutic Phlebotomy, please contact the Specialised Donation Department:

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Paarl Regional Office
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Autologous/Designated Donation Enquiries

For queries relating to autologous/designated donation, please contact the Specialised Donation Department:

Professional Nurse Cindy Sims
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Blood Products/Services Enquiries

For queries relating to our blood products and services, please contact the Marketing Department:

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